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Before You Start

Make a duplicate of your iOSVR Tour Folder, keep a master copy aside so that you can always go back and start fresh if you need to. We recommend that you always come back to our website and download a fresh copy of the latest iOSVR Version as we regularly do updates. We notify all our users of any updates but it is a good practice to always download a fresh iOSVR copy before starting a new Virtual Tour.

You will need a HTML Editor for editing the data.js, index.html & .iphone.css files, if you are a MAC user then we suggest CODA however any HTML editor will do even some text editors can be used however we strongly suggest that you buy one as the pro versions all have extra visual features which will help you identify if your code is right or wrong just by looking at the colors onscreen.

You will need to upload the iOSVR Tour Folder to your server and edit the files remotely. Upload your files using a FTP client such as CyberDuck it works on both Mac & PC and is free or if you want a premium software you can use Transmit is MAC only and you have to buy it but this is a great tool and very fast.

Once your iOSVR Tour Folder is on your server, point your iPhone & iPad devices to the index.html in the iOSVR folder so that you can check how the tours look while you are working.

You will have to reload the device browser each time you save with your HTML editor. Some changes might require you to clear cache on the Safari browser from the Preferences menu on each device before you can see the changes you have made.

iOSVR will NOT work in a computer browser as it has security built in so that people on computer browsers can't steal your panoramas and images.

You will need an iPhone and an iPad to check your work, If you don’t have both devices to check your work and you are a MAC user then you are in luck. You can download the FREE iOS Developer Kit from the Apple website and use the iOS Simulator right from the desktop of your MAC. This is a great tool for instantly switching between devices. If you don't have a MAC then you will need both iPhone and iPad to check your work.

Alternative Testing Method:

If you don't have an iPhone, iPad or a Mac but still want to create iOSVR tours you can use this service HERE, it allows you to use the Apple iOS Simulator remotely even with a Windows PC, it does come at a monthly membership fee but definitely cheaper than buying an iPhone & iPad. For more information go to:

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iOSVR Panorama Player

View iPhone/iPad Example

(You will need an iPhone or iPad otherwise just the Flash tour will play)

The industry leading iOS virtual tour software which looks and feels just like a real iPhone or iPad App. Built ground up for the iOS platform iOSVR is fully customisable offering industry leading features, intuitive easy to use interfaces, already setup as a working template.
HTML5 - iOS4 / iOS5 / iOS6


App Development

View iPhone App Example

(You will need an iPhone or iPad otherwise iTunes store only will open)

1) Offer your clients their own Virtual Tour App
On the App Store within two weeks. Send us your panoramas and we will deliver an awesome feature packed VR App including geo find me, built in maps and offline viewable to name a few.
2) We also develop standalone iOS Apps for all industries, VR technology included.