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If you are a paid member who owns at least one iOSVR license, you already have a username and password setup for you, you should have received an email confirmation with your login details.


Your username should be your domain without the www prefix… it should look like this eg:
NOTE: If your domain name has more than 20 letters, then use the first 20 letters of your domain name as your username.

Your Password is your
first name
NOTE 1: If your first name has less than 5 letters - then your password is your last name
If you Last name has less than 5 letters then your password will be the combination of your first and last name together.

If you have tried the above combinations and are having issues logging in please
contact us and we will resend your login details.

if you are downloading iOSVR for the first time you must first register and subscribe to our list, to do this please click on the
Download Tab and follow the prompts, you will be emailed a download link - make sure you fill in the Username and Password sections to create your member login for future downloads and updates.

Thank you for your patience

iOSVR Support Team

iOSVR Panorama Player

View iPhone/iPad Example

(You will need an iPhone or iPad otherwise just the Flash tour will play)

The industry leading iOS virtual tour software which looks and feels just like a real iPhone or iPad App. Built ground up for the iOS platform iOSVR is fully customisable offering industry leading features, intuitive easy to use interfaces, already setup as a working template.
HTML5 - iOS4 / iOS5 / iOS6


App Development

View iPhone App Example

(You will need an iPhone or iPad otherwise iTunes store only will open)

1) Offer your clients their own Virtual Tour App
On the App Store within two weeks. Send us your panoramas and we will deliver an awesome feature packed VR App including geo find me, built in maps and offline viewable to name a few.
2) We also develop standalone iOS Apps for all industries, VR technology included.