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Welcome to our Links page

We are happy to share with you links to these great companies which will no doubt enhance your virtual tour production flow. We use products and software from all companies listed here and feel strongly about supporting them as they are the very best in the industry and offer solid solutions, great support and effective production tools that will help you in running your business smoothly.

We are in no way financially compensated for having these links here.

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Create VR Apps, Business Apps, iPhone, iPad, Android or KindleFire Apps NOW!

AppCloudCo is our new Mobile App Platform where you can develop mobile Apps of any kind without knowing a single line of code.
We now have iOSVR AppStore licenses available from $399 and complete packages where we do everything for you from as low as $990.

AppCloudCo offers VR Companies, Photographers, Google GTP's and Web Developers the ability to create DIY Mobile Apps for your clients and earn a passive income stream from the service. So many clients ask to have their VR Tour made into a Mobile App and until today that has always been a very hard and extensive process. Not anymore!

Creating a Mobile App for your business or for your clients is a breeze at AppCloudCo, importing an iOSVR tour or any other HTML5 tour such as KRPano or Pano2VR is possible with a little bit of work which you can certainly do yourself, or we can do it for you.

Click HERE to visit the website. 

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Flashificator is The world’s most versatile GUI for creating Flash virtual tours

Working with FFC, you do not need any coding knowledge at all.  That is a fact, not a sales pitch.
Experienced hand-coders switching over to FFC experience time-savings they never thought possible.
Projects can be saved at any point in time, and the saved file (project.ffc) will contain every file and
setting of the project, therefore easy and convenient to store for future use/editing.

The most complex tours made with FFC surpass anything ever done through hand-coding or with other
panorama publishing software using Graphical User Interfaces (GUI’s), and the majority of the world's
most impressive virtual tours, were and continue to be made with FFC!

FFC is for those who want and need full artistic freedom in tour creation, rather than to be limited by a
few standard tool sets, where nothing design-wise stands out as a creative work of art. 
No other panorama creation software GUI offers the same level of freedom.  None!

Click HERE to visit their website. 

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Put your Virtual Tours on the map!

PanoMapper is a powerful and flexible WordPress theme that allows for the display of panoramas, still images, slide shows, Vimeo and YouTube videos according to their geo-location, all accessible through place markers on a Google map. PanoMapper provides you with complete control of nearly every aspect of how your work will be displayed, allowing you to customise your presentations according to you and your customers’ needs.

Click HERE to visit their website.

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PTGui is panoramic stitching software for Windows and Mac OSX. Originally developed as a Graphical
User Interface for Panorama Tools (hence the name), PTGui now is a full featured photo stitching

PTGui is the world’s leading stitching software, carrying head and shoulders above everything else
there is in the stitching industry. 

Click HERE to visit their website.  We highly recommend the PRO version of PTGui

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Nodal Ninja

Fanotec manufactures exclusively panoramic photography equipment. This includes panoramic tripod
heads, photography aerial poles, levellers, turntables, rotators, and many other accessories. What also
makes us unique to other companies is that our products are further refined over the years from
feedback from photographers working in this genre. We continue to refine and build newer products to
meet the growing needs of the end user. Even cinematographers are using mirror less Micro Four-Thirds
cameras and DSLR's to create ObjectVR's which we provide solutions to. Bill Bailey L.L.C. dba (doing
business as) Nodal Ninja is proud to be exclusive partner to Fanotec International for the marketing and
distribution of the product line.

Nodal Ninja is well known for it’s quality products and exceptionally good customer support, which is
literally second to none in the field of the panorama business. 

Click HERE to visit their website in order to find the equipment you will learn to love once you have
purchased it.

iOSVR Panorama Player

View iPhone/iPad Example

(You will need an iPhone or iPad otherwise just the Flash tour will play)

The industry leading iOS virtual tour software which looks and feels just like a real iPhone or iPad App. Built ground up for the iOS platform iOSVR is fully customisable offering industry leading features, intuitive easy to use interfaces, already setup as a working template.
HTML5 - iOS4 / iOS5 / iOS6


App Development

View iPhone App Example

(You will need an iPhone or iPad otherwise iTunes store only will open)

1) Offer your clients their own Virtual Tour App
On the App Store within two weeks. Send us your panoramas and we will deliver an awesome feature packed VR App including geo find me, built in maps and offline viewable to name a few.
2) We also develop standalone iOS Apps for all industries, VR technology included.