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NEW: Version 2.0

Postby Damir » Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:26 pm

Hello everyone,

iOSVR Version 2.0 has just been released, this new version will enable users to do what has never been done before on iOS devices, we have completely rebuilt iOSVR and added some really cool features:

To Preview iOSVR V2.0 go to this URL with your iOS device:

Or use the QR Code, simply download a QR Code reader App (free) for your iPhone or iPad and point the camera to this Image:

1) ATTENTION: When QR Code reader App opens make sure you choose Open In SAFAR to view tour on your deviceI

2) ATTENTION: Computers can NOT view iOSVR tours, so for those who don't have an iPhone or iPad below are some screen shots instead :)

To celebrate this long awaited full featured release we are happy to offer you a discount coupon code for a 10% discount valid until the end of January 2012. Simply paste the entire code into the Coupon Code Field in our shopping cart on this link:
Coupon Code: 'iOSVRLic-JCOUP12'

1) UNBRANDED iOSVR 2.0 Version now Available
Even though our interface branding is minimal, users have been asking us for a clean skin, unbranded version.
Now you can buy an Unbranded version of iOSVR V2.0 from our Online Store, for only $160 / Valid until the End of Jan 2012
And if you use the coupon code at the start of this thread you can get another 10% OFF

NOTE: All of the features noted here below are already built in to iOSVR V2.0, we provide you with a fully featured working template so that all you need to do is upload to your server and start changing, replacing our content with yours. iOSVR V2.0 is completely customisable in every way, you can make it your own in just a few minutes.

2) Video Player,
Easily add 1 or multiple videos to your tours, Access videos from a scrollable Playlist, Set video per pano or as main video for the entire tour
Tap Video Icon to slide out Video Player onscreen
Video player Features: Volume Control, Timeline scroll, Play/Pause and Full Screen.
Stream video wireless to your TV through Airplay (Must have Apple TV box connected to your Television)
Share screen of your iOSVR tour on your TV through Airplay (Must have Apple TV box connected to your Television)

3) Audio Player
Audio per pano, Audio as background for entire tour, Audio playlist for multiple audio files, Access audio from a scrollable Playlist.
Tap Audio Icon to slide out Audio Player onscreen
Audio player features: Timeline scroll, Play/Pause
Stream audio wireless to your TV through Airplay (Must have Apple TV box connected to your Television)

4) Pro Photo Gallery
Completely rebuilt photo gallery with powerful features,
Automatically generated thumbnails
Automatically resizing of photos for each device (no more different photo sizes for iPhone and iPad)
Fullscreen, Swipe Left/Right to view, Play Slideshow

5) Gyroscope Feature
A crowd favourite, for some wow factor show this feature to your clients and watch them light up.
Located in the TOOLS menu, simply tap on TOOLS, tap on GYRO to turn ON and take your device for a spin
It's like a window into another dimension

6) Add / Remove menu Buttons
Remove unwanted buttons by commenting out or by deleting the line from the code,
Remaining menu buttons will automatically spread out and center across the menu bar.
Add up to 5 extra buttons in the lower menu, can be URL linked, to anything you want, send users to your facebook, download brochure, launch email etc.

7) Upper / Lower Menu System with slide out feature
A new hidden menu that slides up and down by pressing the new plus (+) button in the menu bar. A great way to add more functionality and features without crowding the interface while maximising screen space.

8) Scrolling Thumbnail Menu
Great for navigation, scrolls up and down, just create thumbnails the same size as in our template, name them and place them in the photos folder, iOSVR will do the rest

9) Info text per panorama
A cool feature, fill in text box, which will automatically appear for each panorama,
Swipe text box left / right to change to next panorama and text, can be used as navigation, can have URL links

10) Tools Menu / Social Sharing
Top left of screen is the TOOLS menu, tap it to slide out the panel with Social Network Sharing tools,
Share the link of the tour automatically through Email, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In
Our system automatically takes the URL of your tour and shares it without your having to touch a single code
Already built in
Gyroscope is also located in the TOOLS menu

11) Google Maps with Street View
Already built in, simply add Longitude and Latitude in the provided field and Google Maps Automagically appears inside your tour, easily set map zoom and type
We have even built in Street View, just hold on the yellow man top left in gmaps and drag out to the map , let go and watch Street View open

12) Contact Page
Already built in for you, this is where you will add your or your clients information, address, phone, email, web address. System picks up what content there is so if a phone number it will automatically call if you tap on. The Contact panel slides in and out by tapping on icon

13) Multifunctional Menu icons
Now one button / icon will open and close the same panel,

14) Auto Rotate On/Off
Added this feature to the iPhone, the Rotate On/Off button sits in the Lower Menu, It will turn rotate on or off,
You can set Autorotate to ON or OFF in the data.js file so when the tour loads it it behaves accordingly

15) Logo Placement & Link
File Types: png, gif, jpeg - You can even use Animated Gif for onscreen logo
Place your clients Logo onscreen and assign a URL to it, this can point to any web address even to files such as PDF's etc,
Logo can be placed in 3 locations: Bottom Left (BL) Bottom Right (BR) Top Right (TR)

16) Loading Screen
Loading screen is a handy place to put, User Instructions, Copyright Notice, Your website link etc

17) Animated Gif / Loading
We include an Animated Loading Gif - you can use any Animated Gif here
Position the Loading Gif anywhere on the screen by using the provided parameters
You can also use an Animated Gif for the Onscreen logo

18) Tour Tilt and Panning Limits
Control what your viewer can see by adding Tilt or Panning limits in the data.js file

19) Set View
Set where your panorama starts to play from

20) One library
The iPhone now uses the same library as the iPad, easy for building tours no need for doubling up on files

21) One Menu System
Same menu system for both devices.... gotta love that :)

Here are some screen shots, of the NEW FEATURES in V2.0

Introducing the industry first Video player inside iOSVR, also features Full Screen

Video list with carrousel menu, now you can have as many video files as you want, per pano or as a play list

Video FULL SCREEN, featuring Airplay strem video directly to Apple TV.

Audio list with carrousel menu, now you can have as many audio files as you want, per pano or as a play list

New slide out menu, tap the + button and it brings up the lower menu where more buttons can be added.
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