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If you have a tour you are proud of, send us your links, we would love to showcase your iOSVR tours here!
iOSVR Team

What iOSVR is:

iOSVR is a feature packed, software for creating iPhone/iPad virtual tours using your Mac or PC. With iOSVR you can create virtual tours that look and feel like a native iOS App when viewed online by an iPhone or iPad device.

Built ground up for the iOS platform, iOSVR has been designed for novice users and professionals alike, it offers many of the interactive gesture features you have come to expect from using your iPhone or iPad enabling a feature rich user experience.

iOSVR comes already setup as a fully customisable working template with 6 panoramas, Google Maps, Image gallery, Audio player, Video player, URL links, Contact page, Scrolling thumbnail menus, Twitter built in, Gyroscope and much more so that anyone can jump right in and start creating exciting, interactive iPhone and iPad virtual tours.

The iOSVR interface is fully customisable through the CSS provided for each device, enabling you to create unique designs every time while maintaining brand continuity throughout your production process. Our online tutorials will take you step by step through every stage of creating your virtual tour.

We invite you to
download iOSVR, test it and see how easy it really is to create feature rich iPhone & iPad virtual tours. If you get stuck you will find all the answers and inspiration right here on our website, just look through our FAQ page, our Forum, example tours and if you still have questions our HelpDesk is there for you 24/7 just open a ticket and our support staff will help as best as they can.

For those unfamiliar with the idea of a domain license, fear not you can still use iOSVR to your advantage without even buying a license. You can download the free trial of iOSVR or use our example links to show your clients the features and let them decide if they want to pay the small license fee to have the extra features and benefits of iOSVR on their website. Or even better, show an iOSVR tour side by side with another HTML5 tour you or someone else has already done, we guarantee you it will be the fastest sale you will ever make!

What iOSVR is NOT

1) iOSVR does not have a GUI (we are making one) it is a code based software.

2) You can NOT view iOSVR tours on a computer unless you are using the Mac Only iOS Simulator.

3) You need a computer to create iOSVR tours and then preview them with an iPhone or iPad.

4) iOSVR does not offer HotSpot technology at this stage.

5) iOSVR does NOT work on Android.

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We use & recommend

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1) Working Template
iOSVR Download contains a working Black Template, already setup with 6 panoramas, 12 photo gallery, scroll menu, google maps, audio, video and social share button. Ready for you to start replacing content with your own
2) One DATA file for iPhone & iPad
Built in: Version 2.95 introduces even easier workflow by using one Data.js file for both iPhone & iPad thats now located in the same folder directory
3) Twitter Inside!
Built in: The worlds largest mass communication platform is already built in to iOSVR, just fill in your Twitter name and watch your Tweets start to stream in
4) Video Player / PlayList
Built in: Each panorama can have its own video, access videos from a scrollable carrousel Playlist, Video player features: Volume Control, Timeline scroll, Play/Pause, Full Screen & Wireless streaming through Airplay to a TV
5) Audio Player / PlayList
Built In: Each panorama can have its own audio, audio as background for entire tour or access audio files from a scrollable carrousel Playlist, Audio player features: Timeline scroll, Play/Pause and Wireless streaming through Airplay to a TV
6) Unlimited Panoramas
Built in: iOSVR has been bench tested with the industries largest fully featured iOS virtual tour of 50 panoramas, thumbnails, audio / video files and photo gallery. As far as we know the number of panoramas, audio & video files inside iOSVR is limitless. If you can think it iOSVR can dig it.
7) Pro Photo Gallery / Slideshow
Built in: Awesome, slick and professional photo gallery with, Auto resizing of images, Auto generated thumbnails, Full screen images, Auto slideshow, Swipe left / right. One size photos for iPad and iPhone. All taken care of by iOSVR
8) Gyroscope Inside!
Built in: A crowd favourite, tap on GYRO to turn ON and take your device for a spin. It's like a window into another dimension
9) Scrolling Navigation Menu
Built In: The new menu system now slides Left/Right enabling easy navigation. Simply add as many menu buttons as you want.
10) Google Maps with Popup Images, Markers & Street View
Built in: Google maps is built in, you just need to add your latitude and longitude coords. as per tutorial.
11) Scrolling Thumbnail Menu
Built In: Animated scrolling menu is built in, you can also leave thumbnails out and have only buttons if you like
12) Social Network Sharing
Built In: Social share button is built in, it will automatically take the url link of the tour and allow you to share it via Facebook, Twitter, Linked in or Email
13) Add/Remove Menu Buttons
Built in: Easily comment out, remove or add new buttons to the menu. When removing buttons remaining buttons automatically center across the menu bar
14) Finger Gestures / Swiping
3 Fingers resets the panorama to starting position.
15) Full Screen
Built In: Rotate device to landscape mode to view unobstructed FullScreen. Rotate back to portrait to bring back menu items
16) CSS / Styling / Customising
Built in: Each device is completely customisable through it's own independent CSS file. Change the colours, interface design, layout and functionality by changing only one CSS file. A dream come true
17) Tilt & Pano Limits
Built In: You are able to set individual limits for each panorama to stop the viewer at a certain view point. Great for partial panoramas and hiding the zenith or nadir
18) Set Initial View Point
Built In: You are able to set individual starting pan positions for each panorama as well as starting tilt positions
19) Auto Rotation / Direction
Built in: Auto Rotation start/stop controlled by same button. Rotation speed and interaction sensitivity can be set. Autorotate can be set to On/Off and manually triggered inside the tour
20) NEW Info Text Per Pano
Built In: Now Info text is added to the "info" folder by having individual p1.html, p2.html files. Add as much text as you want and the area becomes scrollable
21) Set Min / Max Zoom
Built In: You are able to set individual zoom in/out values for each panorama
22) Contact page
Built in: Contact page is built in with Business name, Website url and Phone number field. Accessible through the second slide out menu it will slide on/off screen
23) Logo Placement & Link
Built In: File Types: png, gif, jpeg - You can even use Animated Gif for onscreen logoPlace your clients Logo onscreen and assign a URL to it, this can point to any web address even to files such as PDF's etc, Logo can be placed in 3 locations: Bottom Left (BL) Bottom Right (BR) Top Right (TR)
24) Animated Loading Gif
Built In: We include an Animated Loading Gif - you can use any Animated Gif herePosition the Loading Gif anywhere on the screen by using the provided parameters You can also use an Animated Gif for the Onscreen logo
25) Auto Rotate respects limits
Built in: Set pan and tilt limits and the rotate will respect accordingly stopping the user from going further.
26) Gyro respects limits
Built in: Set pan and tilt limits and the Gyro will respect accordingly stopping the user from going further.
27) Rotate Direction
Built in: Now able to set the panning direction in the data.js file buy adding 'direction:'-1' for left or 'direction:'1' for right.
28) Default Zoom/Min/Home/Max
Built in: Able to set default Zoom,Min,Max,Home for all panoramas in the data.js file - individual pano settings will override default settings.
29) Initial Menu Scroll Animation
Built in: At loading the menu will scroll from right to left to let user know the menu is scrollable.
30) Nav Menu Scroll bar
Built in: The menu has a scroll bar under neath to show what user is looking at
31) Template Menu Buttons
Built in: The template now includes new Phone, Email, Help, Website menu buttons.
32) Active Menu Button Indicator
Built in: The menu buttons show when they are in use. The active overlay can be customised through the CSS files.
33) NEW Auto Levelling of Panos
Built in: Turn Auto Levelling On/Off in the Data.js file. During Autorotation the panorama will automatically go back to 90deg Zero level
34) NEW ONE folder system
Built in: Now both device share the same folder and file directory making tours has just become easier
35) NEW Intro Splash Screen
Built in: Just like when an App first loads you can now create branded artwork and have your own App like Splash screen when tour first loads
36) NEW Splash Loader
Built in: Have your own branded splash loader screen between each pano loading
37) NEW Audio AutoPlay On/Off
Built in: Turn audio auto play on/off from the data.js file or manually while viewing the tour via the Audio interface
38) NEW Audio/Video Icons Pulsate
Built in: Audio/Video icons will pulsate on first load to let user know there is Audio/Video available for that pano
39) NEW Audio Icon Removal
Built in: You can completely delete, or comment our the Audio Icon altogether
40) # NEW Info Text Scroller
Built in: The info text panels are now scrollable, able to add text, links and images
41) NEW Shared Media Files
Built in: One set of Audio, Video and Photo files will now work on both iPhone & iPad via the one folder system
42) NEW iPhone 5 Support
Built in: Automatically adjusts the interface size to fit perfectly on all iPhone models including iPhone 5
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iOSVR Panorama Player

View iPhone/iPad Example

(You will need an iPhone or iPad otherwise just the Flash tour will play)

The industry leading iOS virtual tour software which looks and feels just like a real iPhone or iPad App. Built ground up for the iOS platform iOSVR is fully customisable offering industry leading features, intuitive easy to use interfaces, already setup as a working template.
HTML5 - iOS4 / iOS5 / iOS6


App Development

View iPhone App Example

(You will need an iPhone or iPad otherwise iTunes store only will open)

1) Offer your clients their own Virtual Tour App
On the App Store within two weeks. Send us your panoramas and we will deliver an awesome feature packed VR App including geo find me, built in maps and offline viewable to name a few.
2) We also develop standalone iOS Apps for all industries, VR technology included.